Exorcist Disco

July 12, 2010

The three of us at Music on a Stick have been volleying some pretty serious video cheese back and forth in emails over the past couple of years, really killing each other by digging up music videos with over-the-top costumes, really questionable dance choreography and WTF special effects.  Continuing in that vein I offer you a disco video with Muppety over-acting and video effects that really don’t match the vibe. I think they were possessed by some really happy evil spirits! These poltergeists make their presence known with solarizing video filters, spastic leg-kick hopping, goober-glib smiles all around and, most tantalizing,  the  exquisite disembodied mouth!

Dare you enter the Amityville Disco?!


4 Responses to “Exorcist Disco”

  1. megawatt said

    Oh my: early G.E. Smith. He is mighty muppety here.

  2. vampdaddy said

    That blue lip scene at 2:06 was almost too much for my sensitive stomach to watch — but the over-the-top perkiness of the band was a balm to whatever queasiness manifested due to the special effects.

  3. jungalero1101 said

    First of all: love this song.

    Second, love this clip. This was made even more hilarious by thinking it was being taken over by poltergeists.

    Third, as megawatt noted, is G.E. Smith, future player with Hall & Oates and eventually on SNL. Also, the long dark haired guitarist is Vinnie Vincent, who joined Kiss for one album (“Lick It Up”) and then formed his own band.

    Will definitely have to post some more Dan Hartman at some point.

  4. mumma boo said

    I thought I recognized the guitarist! Thanks, Jungalero, for the edification. That was definitely some video cheese worthy of fondue. All that was missing was Zoot on the sax.

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