blurring the boundaries

July 18, 2010

Throughout high school and college I avoided Classic Rock as decidedly as I avoided all athletic activity. So as I got to know a good friend of mine and learned of his self-proclamation as Rush’s biggest fan I had to add that I was the Rush’s biggest non-fan. The same might have been said about Queen, but I actually started to listen to them and found that their music is unbelievably good and they are obviously deserving of their superstar status. It helps that Queen are not really definable by the cliquey labels that endured through the eighties. Their 1991 song and video “I’m Going Slightly Mad” has a somewhat goth-y video – actually, Mercury’s persona for this video seems closer to Beethoven than Robert Smith- which I only recently saw:

It makes one ache when one thinks about Mercury being quite ill when they made the song and video. The song expresses his frustration and coming to terms with the dementia brought on by AIDS. The hints of the macabre laced through the video are quite poignant when considering that he passed away later that year. On a lighter note, however, I’d like to say that the banana hat is really fun and I love his winkle-picker shoes, which have come back in fashion now.


One Response to “blurring the boundaries”

  1. jungalero1101 said

    I was really into this album when it came out…Even though there was a lot of sadness about his illness and eventual death there was still something joyous about how his voice was still there until the very end. A one of a kind talent he was.

    I had never seen this video before. Love it, and many little moments in it. Especially Brian May’s big bird beak.

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