So underrated

July 18, 2010

Jungalero’s apartment is filled with vinyl and cd’s. A few years ago Jungalero had a vinyl copy of the Fingerprintz album “Beat Noir” sitting at the front of a stack of records in his living room:

With an image and fonts like that the question was: “Is this record eighties or retro-eighties?
“Would you like to hear it?”
With a sound like that the question was: “Is this record eighties or retro-eighties?
“No kidding? It’s timeless”
It is unbelievable to me that Jessica Simpson has several CD’s that are selling like hot dogs at a baseball game while Fingerprintz material is not available on Itunes or on CD at all. There isn’t much on YouTube either. I’ve been listening to three of their albums, The Very Dab, Distinguishing Marks and Beat Noir like crazy and they sound Fundamental! Current bands such as Bent, Hot Chip, Royksopp and Dystopia seem to have grown from this new-wave punk disco seed. The noir video for Shadowed is pretty cool, check out the fireplace from about the 0:45 mark on:

They escape through the fireplace and down a trapezoidal corridor – how cool is that?


One Response to “So underrated”

  1. jungalero1101 said

    Two of the members of Fingerprintz went on to minor success with another band called The Silencers. It’s a little weird that there’s not even a compilation CD out for these guys…all three albums are solid. I even have an e.p. of theirs on green vinyl.

    Another video I had never seen. So excellent! Really great photography on that.

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