Rut Ro

July 22, 2010

The Purple One — by that I mean Prince — has never shied away from using his musical and acting talents to educate the masses. Case in point:

Recently, he made headlines by announcing to the world that the internet is “completely over”. (In fact, it makes me wonder why you’re even here reading this. What the hell is wrong with you?)

In marking the passing, Prince has opted to release his next album in a more modern fashion — by releasing it for free inserted into newspapers. That’s right, bitches, paper is BACK — it’s the second coming of those damn kids from Newsies!

Of course, never satisfied with his role as a trendsetter and wearer of high heels, Prince has continued to amaze with this — the cover art for the album you will one day soon find between the business section and Apartment 3G .

This is indeed something to behold. With a dash of Bjork’s Volta color palette, Prince is able to fulfill his dream of revisioning himself not as a symbol-named scorned anti-industry musician, but as a smooth and sexy badass boyfriend to one Daphne from Scooby Do.



3 Responses to “Rut Ro”

  1. mumma boo said

    Zoinks! I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I think I’ll just wait for Velma to peel off his mask.

  2. funkschnecke said

    • funkschnecke said

      Since we are talking about the purple one, I’d like to post this cheezy 80’s video from France’s own Le Homme Violet,

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