Guilty pleasures for the hot season: _________ (unsolicited) additions to Vampdaddy’s list.

August 7, 2010

I certainly see the warm, summery, picnicky, BBQ-ey theme in Vampdaddy’s list in the previous post. I just can’t resist but to add to that list with some uncommon music with a good beat that also has a summery theme…… BUT… that may not look good on one’s resume or help one’s by career by playing in the background at an office functions:

Play this one at your office picnic! And then tell me all about it.

I’m just crazy about these costumes and dance moves:



3 Responses to “Guilty pleasures for the hot season: _________ (unsolicited) additions to Vampdaddy’s list.”

  1. vampdaddy said

    Brilliant — more so because I had an Anne Murray kids album growing up that had Teddy Bear Picnic on it!

  2. jungalero1101 said

    Wow, how lucky were you to have that trippy cut as a kid?

    I am totally blown away by this post, funkschnecke! First of all, I wasn’t really familiar with James Last or Boney M (had heard of both but hadn’t explored) and I loved them! The James Last cut took me by total surprise (although about 10 seconds later it made total sense). The biggest surprise probably was the Murray track, as I never would have pictured her easy listening voice with a backing track that sounds inspired by Perrey & Kingsley (who are a ton of fun).

    Needless to say I’ll be looking for downloads of all of these. Kudos.

  3. […] 2010 Greetings! Jungalero and I have been texting back and forth about the James Last track on an earlier post here at Music on a Stick. It’s really quite a remarkable track – I love that it starts […]

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