Fluffy hair on eighties pop men

August 13, 2010

Here is an exceptionally terrible 80’s pop video where the guitar is clearly a prop and not an instrument. And the lyrics: horrible. But that hair! That Bouncy Fluffy Hair! He sorta looks like Kevin Bacon doing a preppy version of the 80’s Nick Cave look…

Nik Kershaw is perhaps best known for “Wouldn’t It Be Good” on the Pretty in Pink Soundtrack. Another master of eighties fluffy hair was Howard Jones:

Howard Jones’ outfit reminds me of costumes for the Visitors in the “V” television miniseries. Here’s the opening credit from the original V. Toward the end of the clip, the “hero” is dressed in the alien’s red uniform to infiltrate their spaceport. So, after the disco beat kicks in check out Marc Singer’s costume as he crotch assaults an alien. That is, he uses his crotch as a weapon to take out an evil clueless alien guard. LOL!)


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