Who’s that Older Woman?

August 18, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Madge!


One Response to “Who’s that Older Woman?”

  1. funkschnecke said

    I admit that I avoided reading this post for quite some time on account of Her. But I also admit that this is so sorta weird it’s kinda funny. This doesn’t change how I feel about Her but I’m considering admitting that I’m nearly glad that I saw this clip. There are certain notable moments, like the little remark about Axl that I want to acknowledge and, whooops, I liked the baby Jesus bit, aaaah, I said it. So I wonder if this is all ad-lib creativity from Her or is it scripted by some teeming gang of dozens on drugs in well funded studios. Er. Scratch that. Too much said under a post about Her or is it by Her. The post doesn’t have any info, so I guess she’s making the post by default, in absentia, from another era. Erm, thanks, I think. Yeah, thanks, M. I’ve been away from the post for too long. Yeah, thanks.

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