Guitar heroes…

September 7, 2010

When I was in high school, the classic rock kids at the back of the school bus used to blare Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion during the afternoon circuit. Arguments back there usually concluded that Jimmy Page was the Greatest Guitarist, Evah! Meanwhile, us pipsqueaks near the front of the bus would slip an Echo and the Bunnymen or a Smiths tape into our Walkmans and hope that our tribe would not get trampled by the mainstream or by a minority of bullies that had most of the power. Our music set us apart.

Many, many years later I started to check out Led Zeppelin outside of the context of high-school cliques and discovered that one of my own guitar heroes, Johnny Marr of The Smiths, basically pays tribute to Led Zeppelin with their “Draize Train” on the Rank album and video. I was floored!
Check out this instrumental jam: (p.s. if you really cannot stand Morrissey, don’t worry he’s offstage for this one….. If you really cannot stand Robert Plant, Tough shit!)

And then this live performance from about 11 years earlier:

I love that the Smiths song doesn’t sample or exactly rip off the Led Zep song but it certainly shows that they learned something from it.
And yes, I do realize that Led Zep is on a whole nuther level of rock n roll nirvana from the Smiths. But that doesn’t mean I can’t compare them. Hey – both Morrissey and Plant like to tear their shirts off onstage and pulse like strippers. Both Page and Marr have been in a gazillion bands.


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