I use the word ‘cool’ too much but…

October 26, 2010

This first link is a song I’ve really been into in the past few weeks, it really gets you moving, has a nice tribal electronic vibe. This track reminds me of songs by Orang or a cross between The Rapture and Sky Cries Mary. The video here is not super interesting, a studio performance, but I liked it better than some other videos online for this song where they overact for the cameras. I’d love to dance to this song (REALLY LOUD) in a teeming crowd at a midnight flash mob in some city…That would just kill!

This next track is a delightfully creepy Electronica track that at times sounds like someone wanted to make a dance track from the Twin Peaks soundtrack. I’m not a huge dog person, but this space dog really gets me. It’s all that longing in the eyes…and the effects of synching the pooch with the song is fascinating and eerie. I also really like the ‘virtual’ graffiti grafted over the street scene. I’m guessing none of this is actual archival film stock, but they do a great job illustrating a Soviet aesthetic.

Last and hardly least for today is a video that for me is a cross between the films “Let the Right One In” and “Lost In Translation”. I had heard the song several times before seeing the video and really liked the vibe, which certainly draws from Blondie and Goldfrapp. I’d guess the “V” is for vampire, not “Visitor” as in the miniseries about aliens. I think this video is more visually sophisticated than most full length films Hollywood puts out. One nice detail is the paper print with repeated v’s on it that resembles the paper with repeated squiggles in the previous Trentemoller video, I love it when threads cross like that…

Oh, I edited out the copious “cools” in this post. Thanks ed.


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