favorites that were formerly underground

October 28, 2010

Once upon a time the B’52’s were an underground band. The lead singer, Fred, had a nice brownish mustache and Kate and Cindy had huge red and blond hair, respectively. Their song “Rock Lobster” spread like spores in the wind. It even came with its own distinctive dance. We endured high school dances in the eighties when fucking Rick Astley was the mainstream. It’s probably still the case that a bunch of kids all sulk at the side of the gym while mainstream pop-slop blares and batters. Inevitably, however, someone brought a vinyl record of Rock Lobster to the gym and got the DJ to play it. We learned the Rock Lobster dance by proxy while mainstream kids sneered. High school sucked. But thank you B-52’s. Thank you.

Even more underground was John Waters and his Baltimore pack of freaks. We weren’t allowed to watch his movies until Hairspray came out. That was my introduction to Mink Stole. Then came Serial Mom. Eventually I made my way back into the sizzling sleaze of seventies Waters. And Mink was a total bitch as Connie Marble:

I hope there are people out there who dress up as Connie Marble for Halloween!


One Response to “favorites that were formerly underground”

  1. Katie Crystal said

    Sandy sandstone was my mom in real life!

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