A Silent Night with Tori

December 19, 2010

Back in college, Jungalero and I met Tori Amos at a record signing in Boston. As I recall it was a cold, rainy November day, and we waited in line for hours. Turned out it took so long because she spent 5-10 minutes talking with everyone. She encouraged Jungalero to continue to pursue his sound engineering dreams, as she felt that many in that trade at the time were jerks (although I think she used a different word). With me, she lauded by naturally curly red hair, as hers is less-than-natural. There is a photo of she and I on top of my CD shelves from that day — me with a goofy smile and Tori looking as if she’s happily standing next to an old friend from high school.

Of course, time passes — Jungalero engineers soundscapes in a slightly different way than “in the business”, and my naturally red hair has transitioned to shades of white, blonde and (at least on the top) invisible.

Then there’s Tori, who’s kept her red hair but at times gone places I can’t quite get to. For instance, while I’d recommend her holiday album Midwinter Graces, I would NOT recommend that you watch the bonus documentary that comes with it, where she spins a web of metaphysics that makes what little hair I have left start to hurt. Ah, Tori…..


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