Parental guidence requested:

February 26, 2011

Would you let your 14 yr old daughter date someone like this 17 yr old slick-o? “How about my place, you’d love it!” she offers.
This “skit” is so bad it’s bad and shows us why Reality TV killed old-school scripted garbage … but the musical bit about 4 minutes into it cracked me up and fit in with some of the “gems” we’ve had for you previously here at Music on a Stick.


One Response to “Parental guidence requested:”

  1. jungalero1101 said

    I’m rewatching every clip on my catchup of the blog…and this really is something. I wonder how many girls absolutely adored the special this clip is extracted from…and swooned when he started lipsyncing. Which is fantastically ridonkulous.

    I love that you point out the ages of the kids who are reciting all this innuendo-laiden dialog just like adults. It would be more shocking if Brooke hadn’t been in “Pretty Baby” the same year; this seems like Pollyanna by comparison. But she really is quite appealing here-she really did have some ability at that early of an age. Leif on the other hand….best to just leave it to Leif x 2 in some ridiculously tight ass spandex.

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