Birds of a feather: Voice-off

March 5, 2011

So, tell me: is Nina Hagen the punk daughter of Yma Sumac? These songs may not be for everyone, but wow, they demonstrate amazing range and talent. Both ‘mother and daughter’ are extreme if not entirely unique.

Needless to say, Nina’s expressions are very entertaining.

Is there a ‘granddaughter’ out there in this day and age ….


3 Responses to “Birds of a feather: Voice-off”

  1. jungalero1101 said

    As I just texted you, holy sh*t. I already knew of Yma’s prowess from her cd’s, but hadn’t seen her before. That must have been amazing to see live at the time.

    Same thing for Nina. Oh my god. She is incredible…definitely birds of a feather like you said. I’d put Klaus Nomi in there too. In fact, I’ll do a blog post right now…

    • funkschnecke said

      There are several songs from that Rockpalast show online and even though the one I posted is perhaps the most entertaining and shows her range, the one that really gets me is Der Spinner:

      I’ve been listening to this quite a bit – it has that late-seventies/early-eighties forlorn rock ballad sound, like Heart’s Magic Man, perhaps, that really strikes a nerve for me. Also I have to comment that this show seems to be a highlight for the guitarist’s style. Check him out at 1:00 and 2:50: I really like the eyeshadow accent that echoes Nina’s. With the stash and tank top he is so, so very late-seventies. I think he looks very cool here. After Nina went on to her solo stuff, the rest of this band became “Spliff” and did prog-rock, kinda Genesis/Styx… stuff. They followed the more eighties rock look then and for me it didn’t work as well as their late-seventies fashion.

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