laserama triptych

April 9, 2011

This is purely eye-candy with a beat:

This is especially for Nodin, VM and VB.


More laser pyramids, please:

And an old favorite of mine:


One Response to “laserama triptych”

  1. jungalero1101 said

    Wow, so much to absorb in this one post!

    Love the Vitalic vid, song included. Have you watched any of their other stuff?

    I have to laugh at the thought of Vampmommy showing said clip to Declan, who then asks to watch the next video below it! How can you explain that one? Especially when it’s not really child appropriate?

    That said, I LOVE it. It’s such a brilliant clip, so many things to like about it. My favorite at the top of the list is that they gave her gold fangs, that also sparkled when the disco light hit them just right. Oh so right indeed. Right on!

    Ms. Bush is someone I’m just beginning to really explore, so I’m enjoying seeing new (to me) clips of her every now and then. This one has a lot going for it-it’s very engaging, both from what’s going on sonically as well as visually. It’s amazing how much modern dance she got away with in her 80s videos, considering the normal throwaway nature of the clips at that time. I love the song. I definitely need to acquire this album on vinyl.

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