Most Extraordinary Craft

May 1, 2011

Jungalero’s wonderful tribute to his mother brings back my own memories of the Carpenters. Especially this one, which was played by what passed for “repeat” at the time — my aunt, uncle or myself moving the needle back on the record player, which was located in the attic at our families lake cabin. Both this and Crystal Gail’s “Classic Crystal” were frequently heard across the lake.

Feel the sci-fi love!


One Response to “Most Extraordinary Craft”

  1. jungalero1101 said

    I love that you chose one of the cheesiest songs in the Carpenters repertoire to focus your repeat love around. Lol.

    And oh this video. The green pantsuit is brilliant enough, but when you also include a human portraying a Muppet in the very beginning (in powder blue, no less), cosmic backdrops and references to out of body consciousness (so de reguier in the 70s) as well as Richard Carpenter and his magic floating piano….well it’s just a time capsule that really does encapsulate the 70s in its brief 5 minutes.

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