Bring on the costume parade

May 30, 2011

I recently went and saw Kylie Minogue for her second trip across the United States. I had seen her for her first ever U.S. tour in 2009, which was easily one of the best live shows I had ever seen, if only for Kylie’s special connection with her audience alone. This woman is a genuine entertainer who loves performing live, and whose genuine appreciation for the adoration she receives is always apparent.

The weekend before the two dates I was attending I decided to go onto her website to see a bit of how the European shows were being received, and how different of an experience they were getting with the inclusion of a special “splash zone” built right into the stage set. Basically fans were being offered the chance to stand in the middle of the stage and get water sprayed at them.

"You will get wet on this ride."

I then found myself watching interviews with the UK fans, shot in the stadium before the show started. People were dressing up, saying how much Kylie means to them and thanking her for all she is/does….and then about two and a half minutes in these two showed up:

'Lady Gaga' and 'Andy Bell' tie one on before the show starts.

One look at Neil from Scotland (l) and Ralph from Ireland and I was hooked.

A few minutes later and Kylie is seen backstage, talking about having to make do while on tour, and inventing the “Turban Tea”.

"If only Yma Sumac and Korla Pandit were here to join me."

Then the costume parade began again…

Kylie's (self proclaimed) "Afro-dites"


Blondes do have more fun....


Have discoball shoes, will travel.

And then we get to Stephanie from London, who finds it “a pleasure being here” and just can’t help tilting her head ever so seductively while talking to the camera. She’s a highlight.

"...and I loved it soooooo much."

Whoever edited these videos did an amazing job. If you blinked you would have missed this guy’s declaration backstage of “rock & roll”:

What the...huh?

And that’s all only within this one particular date’s clip. Enjoy.




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