somebody that I used to know

February 6, 2012

Musically I’m fairly stuck in the past. My favorite activity remains placing an old piece of vinyl on the turntable, whether it be familiar or unknown, and most usually from the 70s, which remain my favorite decade for music. I do pick up current releases on vinyl as well, but I tend not to listen to those as frequently. I have a small dj record case (bright yellow, no less) that I intend to to get into a habit of usually containing a mix of new releases, current obsessions (new & old) and unknown recent acquisitions.

I’ve been enjoying a slate of more recent musical discoveries online at the moment, including the one below. I was really taken with both the music and creativity of the accompanying visuals. I’ve also been breaking my habit of not really paying attention to lyrics, so something as raw as the content here really hits home much harder than it would have before. I suddenly felt as emotionally naked as the people in the clip.


2 Responses to “somebody that I used to know”

  1. funkschnecke said

    What a GREAT video. The song is beautiful! It reminds me a little bit of something Jason Webly and Amanda Palmer might sing and film. I also really love that in the chorus his voice has a slightly Ozzy Osbourne sound (and I don’t mean that as a dig, I mean it in an affectionate way). The song also reminds me of New Yorker Theo Eastwind. I’m definitely curious to see what else Gotye has done. THX!

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