“simply awesome. a dumb song made into art.”

March 22, 2012

Holy shit. Madonna just released the actual video for “Girl Gone Wild” (as opposed to the spoof posted prior); she has pulled herself into a time warp and put out a *gasp* decent video. Pretty amazing visuals, and she actually looks good! A big part of that is because she finally gave up on the leotard bottom that she’d been rocking for far, far too long and actually *gasp* put on some clothes. We like it when Madge reinvents herself. Even if it’s into an accumulation of her past.

It’s also quite possibly the gayest video she’s ever done. She one-up’s Gaga and shows bare male ass…even if she is using men dancing in heels after Gaga has. They should just kiss and make-up.

The above quote was one comment to the posting of this video on Towleroad, and I completely agree. I don’t care for this song at all, but the video actually makes it quite palatable…if you just don’t pay any mind to her usual juvenile lyrics, of course. Still the material girl at 53, bitches.


3 Responses to ““simply awesome. a dumb song made into art.””

  1. Vampdaddy said

    Now THAT is a Madonna Video!

  2. funkschnecke said

    Indeed, the video is very cool and very much a meld of the videos for Justify My Love and Human Nature which were both very cool.

    I thoroughly hate the song. The lyrics are inane. This observation is obvious, but why does this perpetuate? Arrrgh! Why why why?! She’s not stupid. The lyrics show that Madonna’s writers (are they a power team collaboration of marketing darlings?) haven’t evolved beyond penning Lucky Star – having dashed away anything remotely emotional or real (I’m thinking of some songs from Like a Prayer that give you a little something to reflect on) and gone back to content that will appeal only at a high school dance or a bachelorette party. Gag, rasp. weep.

  3. jungalero1101 said

    It’s totally true. She’s always had vapid, immature lyrics, with occasional genuine moments of maturity. But those are few.

    She’s pandering here rather than leading. It doesn’t suit her, but her fanatic followers don’t really care what she does…they just love her, the icon.

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