One in a Million Girl

May 30, 2012

I’ve written before about Amanda Palmer — another muse of mine. Today she did something remarkable that has to be shared.

After leaving her record label a few years ago, the Dresden Dolls front-woman went into manic DIY mode, releasing music via web-based donate-what-you-will methods, touring like crazy and using twitter to score places to stay and food to eat. All the while raising and recruiting an army of listeners who were tired of the same old “music industry churn”, who were interested in a more direct way to engage with the artist – not just as listener or random concert-goer, but as an investor and participant in the artistic process.

And the result of this interactive, “do what you love and the money will follow” method?

Today, with a few days to go in her Kickstarter Campaign to finance her next album, she exceeded the One Million Dollar mark. In true style, she marked the moment with a tweeted photo of her nude and proud self (NSFW).

If the artistic vision entices you – or just the nude photo – head on over to her Kickstarter page before midnight on May 31st and become a part of the benefactor throng.

*Lastly, for our NYC Readers (that’s you, Jungalero and Funkschnecke!) Amanda and her band will be celebrating the close of the Kickstarter Campaign Thursday, May 31st at midnight with a street-closing, police present-ing block party and rooftop concert at a currently undisclosed location in Brooklyn (and webcast at  No doubt her twitter feed will reveal all in due time.


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