2 for 40.

November 1, 2012

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did after I got out of the shower was play the following two songs on my turntable. They are each significant in their ways to me, and were symbolic of my turning the big 4-0 today.

The first selection, Abba’s big career-launching Eurovision hit “Waterloo”, was the first 45rpm record I ever latched onto at the early age of 2. I played the utter merde out of that record, wearing out/warping/breaking/losing copy and after copy much to my family’s chagrin. There’s one family favorite story of me having an utter melt-down when a freshly acquired copy was irretrievably lost behind a restaurant booth, while then-current Governor of CT Ella Grasso was seated at the table across from us. My poor dad…at least he took it in stride.

Thanks Abba, for letting my family know just how gay I was from such an early age.

And did you see the first of their iconic outfits? Agnetha is just killing it with her satin coat, shocking blue pants tucked into gold boots and matching hat, while Frida looks like she gave birth to both Jane Fonda’s hairdo and Dolly Parton’s western outfit for the film “9 To 5”. And is that choker the inspiration for the gem that changes colors in the hands of those in “Logan’s Run”? If she happened to be standing outside in a field it looks as if the sun would start fires just by reflecting off of it, causing a laser-beam of doom.

Poor Björn, called “Born” by the announcer. (Also notice he’s miming playing a guitar, that sounds acoustic on the track, with one that looks like it was stolen from -or by- Ace Frehley from KISS.) I suppose he had the last laugh, selling billions of albums. Having Napoleon there was a nice touch.

The second selection is from 2012, and is currently getting some buzz. It’s by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Mary Lambert and it’s called “Same Love”. It’s nice to see a straight hip hop artist who’s bucking the trend and putting out honesty-filled songs rather than the usual empty boasting. It’s a song for marriage equality, and it has an incredibly moving and lovely video:

SubPop put out a limited picture disc 7″ of the song, which now adorns the wall in my kitchen. I take it down periodically to play, and today seemed a pretty fitting opportunity. It’s part of where I currently am in my own journey of life, headed unknown into the future…as well as to the next record, of course. That selection is usually the easier decision to make.


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  1. jungalero1101 said

    More fantabulous outfits here:

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