You are in the presence of greatness. Feast your eyes and ears on the magic we bring you.

Vampdaddy – Aside from his parenting blog, he loves female vocalists with a spacey edge. Siouxsie, Amanda Palmer, Liz Fraser, Suzanne Vega — Tori Amos once said about him, “Your hair is naturally red — I’M SO JEALOUS!”

Jungalero – Master of all he surveys, Jungalero brings the odd, the ephemeral, and the outstanding to light for the world to revel in. He once drove across state lines to pay Tone Loc in cash.

FunkSchnecke – This little gastropod will walk for miles with an antenna (eyestalk) to the ground and an antenna to the sky to bring you music from far afield. Claiming no allegiance to any particular genre  you’ll never quite know what to expect from his blogs and he’ll be quick to defend his interest in the “campy” and the “crappy”, calling entries of those sort “important research”.

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