May 3, 2014

In this day and age a band can perfectly recreate the sound of past music. Case in point, Brooklyn based Midnight Magic. Musically they are an exact re-incarnation of The Aural Exciters, who also hailed from the NYC underground dance scene. The track “Walking the Midnight Streets” from their debut album has an amazing video. I cannot tell if vintage dance footage was used and synched to recreate that era or if they painstakingly had their hair done, had outfits made and video equipment that allowed for a perfect late-70’s early 80’s video accompaniment to their perfectly retro-song. I suspect they used vintage video footage but one of the dancers does resemble the lead singer….
Especially delightful is the scoot at 0:33 followed by a sort of pogo-stick move. And the moves at 1:21. Oh, every bit of this is magic!!
I Love this video! It’s a bulls eye.

I don’t know of an actual for the Aural Exciter’s “Spooks in Space” track so I’ll include a video made more recently for this classic gem:

And to round out this post as another of my triptychs, I’m including Escort, who are also Brooklyn based and get get every ass in the house shaking! They’re playing in Downtown NYC this June 13 and two of us Music on a Stick authors will def be there. Enjoy!
This is SOOOOOOOO hot, oh gawd!


I’ve been neglecting my share of Music on a Stick for quite some time but I still love watching incredibly cheesy, campy music videos. Here are a few recent doozies:

Oh my God, the related video, by Sheila B Devotion is even better! Imagine that the guy in silver pants is Tracy Morgan before SNL…

I was really hoping to share a link “One Lonely Knight” but it appears that YouTube has been scrubbed of that jaw-dropping music video. Not far from the mark is this one, also from REO:

The next item is not bad, but it is funny and campy because that’s what the band wanted. It really sounds a lot like Andreas Doreau playing a Violent Femmes song… or the theme song for Friends(gasp)

They also have quite a nice video called Over and Over.

Cheers! Happy 4th!

Last night, I watched the 1981 slasher film “Just Before Dawn” with my cheesy 80’s horror-loving friends Jess & Bex and Bex’s hubby Lubo. During the viewing one particular scene truly stole the show and instantly became the favorite part of the night. It’s so good that I took it upon myself to post it to YouTube. Enjoy and may the viral gods shine a light down on its brilliance.

First – word that Donna Summer has died.

“On the Radio” was the first album I ever owned.  I played it over and over, until the songs entered my dreams (including my nightmares….The song below I still associate with some creepy dream I can’t even remember now). It’s interesting to look at modern music, Gaga/Madonna/Brittany electropop, and think that Donna’s disco-era output paved the way for synth-beats we’ve come to know and love from countless artists, from those pop starts to Robyn, Kylie, Depeche Mode and more. Love disco or hate it, Donna Summer opened a door that many others walked through and made their own.

Second – word yesterday that Boston Alternative Rock Station 101.7, WFNX, has been sold to clear channel. All of the radio staff, including DJ greats like Julie Cramer, were laid off almost instantaneously.

The anvil drops on the last New England vestige of a world in which the term “alternative” meant something. For those of us who grew up in the region looking to find our music, FNX served many and lead to my own discoveries of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Cure, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails….the list goes on and on. The music industry moves to cannibalize quality once again, leaving in its wake garbage (not to be confused with Garbage, who I also discovered through FNX).

Fortunately the rights to all historical media, recordings and events are held by the former owner, Phoenix Communications – so WFNX may live beyond the airwaves, perhaps in some online form. Until then, however, we mourn the only way we know how – by sharing this video, who’s song WFNX referenced as the song of the year for about 10 years running.

The comment thread for this YouTube video had me literally crying with laughter; it’s where the quote above comes from. As commenter scizoskotty21 also notes there, “they’re poking fun at the Madonna ‘‘lazy” videos she normally shits out with the third or fourth singles from her album.” If that’s the case, it’s brilliant.

Last weekend I was playing for my boyfriend my current favorite album (that I really should blog about) and one of the tracks features Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters. He then asks if I’ve seen the latest Scissor Sisters video, “Invisible Light”, and I said no. He said it’s really brilliant. So I watched it.

And I’m now obsessed. (Warning: NSFW because of boobies.)

(You have to love a band with a sense of humor: The ‘clean version’ just positions black ‘CENSORED’ bars over the offending nudity (or also in the case of an underwear-clad crotch…really?), eliminating very little of the context.)

I absolutely love both this track and the video. The song has a brilliant build, and one killer chorus with those sweet falsetto vocals of Jake Shears…as Bee Gees-esque as ever. I feel bad having slept on this album because of my dislike of initial single offering Fire With Fire, but at least the video was only released last December.

And oh, this video. Like a 6 minute long-lost Italian giallo that was just unearthed. The aura is palpable, and it’s gorgeously shot. Here are a few favorite images from the clip:

If you love beautiful shots of locusts, be sure to watch the film "Days of Heaven".

If you love beautiful shots of colorful 60s capsules, be sure to watch the film "Valley of the Dolls".

If you love beautiful shots of psychedelics, be sure to watch the film "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls".

If you love beautiful shots like the above, youre most likely high. Right now.

Ballot Box Beat

November 2, 2010

It’s election day — get out there and vote, baby!


September 16, 2010

Jungalero and I have been texting back and forth about the James Last track on an earlier post here at Music on a Stick. It’s really quite a remarkable track – I love that it starts with a very lush orchestral movement – my favorite moment in the pastoral part is the deeply rich woody tone from 1:10 to 1:11 that could be the sound of an old wood door pushed open by the pressure of sunlight on a windless day. Aaaahhh. Then suddenly the guitar jangles, the horns swing into action and the electric keys take on a kaleidoscope of groovy patterns. This ‘sneak attack’ type song that was around much in the seventies is a favorite subset of music for me. These tracks are so steamy and so swanky they could hardly be considered cheese, in my book. Unfortunately these same musicians did in fact record some REALLY unbearably cheesy tracks and released them on the same records as these swanky numbers. Oh well.

Michel Polnareff has an exceptionally good ‘Sneak Attack Swank Track” (it’s SASTY) that certainly comes across like a film score. Enjoy: (There’s no video, just audio)

I love the organ, the jazzy piano, the horns, the chorus, the cowbell, the strings, the “WOW!” flourishes on the organ…. oh luscious track.

Less of a Sneak Attack Swank Track, but just damn OOOOOzing with funk, is the Changing Rooms theme by Lalo Schifrin. It’s a cross between a horror/suspense soundtrack and a dirty Italian soft core soundtrack in all the right ways. Listen to this loud. (It’s an audio link with really basic slideshow)

All the horns mutate into night creatures on this track, the strings are classic horror strains, the drums, bass and electric keys are pure swanky funk.

And to round out this set is Deodado, who Jungalero introduced me to, with a nice blend of lush orchestra and swanky funk and this one actually had video footage. ENJOY!!!

I certainly see the warm, summery, picnicky, BBQ-ey theme in Vampdaddy’s list in the previous post. I just can’t resist but to add to that list with some uncommon music with a good beat that also has a summery theme…… BUT… that may not look good on one’s resume or help one’s by career by playing in the background at an office functions:

Play this one at your office picnic! And then tell me all about it.

I’m just crazy about these costumes and dance moves: