Holy shit. Madonna just released the actual video for “Girl Gone Wild” (as opposed to the spoof posted prior); she has pulled herself into a time warp and put out a *gasp* decent video. Pretty amazing visuals, and she actually looks good! A big part of that is because she finally gave up on the leotard bottom that she’d been rocking for far, far too long and actually *gasp* put on some clothes. We like it when Madge reinvents herself. Even if it’s into an accumulation of her past.

It’s also quite possibly the gayest video she’s ever done. She one-up’s Gaga and shows bare male ass…even if she is using men dancing in heels after Gaga has. They should just kiss and make-up.

The above quote was one comment to the posting of this video on Towleroad, and I completely agree. I don’t care for this song at all, but the video actually makes it quite palatable…if you just don’t pay any mind to her usual juvenile lyrics, of course. Still the material girl at 53, bitches.


The comment thread for this YouTube video had me literally crying with laughter; it’s where the quote above comes from. As commenter scizoskotty21 also notes there, “they’re poking fun at the Madonna ‘‘lazy” videos she normally shits out with the third or fourth singles from her album.” If that’s the case, it’s brilliant.

How surreal is it…

March 15, 2012

…that the latest 4AD release has motorcross racing in its accompanying video?

I do like the track. Fun throwback.

Musically I’m fairly stuck in the past. My favorite activity remains placing an old piece of vinyl on the turntable, whether it be familiar or unknown, and most usually from the 70s, which remain my favorite decade for music. I do pick up current releases on vinyl as well, but I tend not to listen to those as frequently. I have a small dj record case (bright yellow, no less) that I intend to to get into a habit of usually containing a mix of new releases, current obsessions (new & old) and unknown recent acquisitions.

I’ve been enjoying a slate of more recent musical discoveries online at the moment, including the one below. I was really taken with both the music and creativity of the accompanying visuals. I’ve also been breaking my habit of not really paying attention to lyrics, so something as raw as the content here really hits home much harder than it would have before. I suddenly felt as emotionally naked as the people in the clip.

Ready or Not

January 22, 2012

Well, today is my 40th birthday — and what a better way to celebrate than having Jungalero and Funkschnecke make an appearance at my home for the weekend!

As I’m now “middle-aged”, it’s important for me to keep in shape. Gone are the days of my 20’s physique – and to motivate me towards my fabulous 40’s, what a better find for the three of us this weekend than Alan Thicke’s tremendous ode to mid-life fitness during the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship!



August 26, 2011

Your intrepid Music On a Stick-makers all reside on the East Coast, which apparently has finally been singled out to star in a round of real-life-end-of-days action. First we had the earthquake:

And now we have Irene.

Will we make it? Who knows….Catch you all on the other side!

A Rose by Any Other Name

April 22, 2011

In Spring our thoughts turn to….St Olaf.
Sadly (or perhaps, amazingly?) I get the references. I wonder if Jungalero does?

Nothing I Can Say

February 18, 2011

A total eclipse of all reason.


One Heck of a Lady

January 8, 2011

So we ended 2010 with Amanda Palmer (although I think it’s now Amanda “Gaiman” Palmer, as she and her man got married for real-sies last week) – how do we start 2011 off right?

With Liza, of course!