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Music for Silents

April 26, 2011

Been a double-whammy of death the last couple of days — let us pay tribute to two greats:

First, Poly Styrene — who’s new album is released in the US today — died of cancer this week.

Here she is with her punk band, X Ray Spex, which formed after a Sex Pistols Concert:

Then more recently, her new Holiday Classic from 2010, “Black Christmas”

Then there is Norio Ohgo — whose name you’ve never heard but whose contribution to music you probably have sitting in a pile in some corner or your house (or, if you’re like me, neatly alphabetized in shelves, by artist). Ohgo died after serving as the former President of Sony, and played a role in developing a little something called the Compact Disc.

Thanks to Ohga, my college weekends were often spent trolling new and used cd stores in Boston, with Jungalero, racking up amazing amounts of “stupidity debt” in the name of music. Perhaps worth it, perhaps not, but nevertheless my ears are full with the sound that he helped create.

Interesting bit of trivia — he made the CD hold 74 minutes of music because he wanted to be able to listen to Beethoven’s 9th symphony completely without being interrupted by having to turn over vinyl or a cassette.

Here’s to you, Ohga!