Last night, I watched the 1981 slasher film “Just Before Dawn” with my cheesy 80’s horror-loving friends Jess & Bex and Bex’s hubby Lubo. During the viewing one particular scene truly stole the show and instantly became the favorite part of the night. It’s so good that I took it upon myself to post it to YouTube. Enjoy and may the viral gods shine a light down on its brilliance.


Exorcist Disco

July 12, 2010

The three of us at Music on a Stick have been volleying some pretty serious video cheese back and forth in emails over the past couple of years, really killing each other by digging up music videos with over-the-top costumes, really questionable dance choreography and WTF special effects.  Continuing in that vein I offer you a disco video with Muppety over-acting and video effects that really don’t match the vibe. I think they were possessed by some really happy evil spirits! These poltergeists make their presence known with solarizing video filters, spastic leg-kick hopping, goober-glib smiles all around and, most tantalizing,  the  exquisite disembodied mouth!

Dare you enter the Amityville Disco?!